Live from the Library, Volume One by Scholastics

As much as I love doing heavily plotted, extensively planned concept mixes, they take me a pretty long time to do. And I haven’t had as much free time on my hands recently, so I’m starting the Live from the Library series. The concept of this series is there isn’t a concept – I play music from my library that sounds good together. Here I play connect the dots a little before settling into a deep house groove that’s both moody and ebullient. I hope you enjoy it. (40 min).

Scholastics – Live from the Library: Volume One
1. Philip Glass – Video Dream/New Cities in Ancient Lands, C
2. Tom Trago – Avenido
3. Kanye West – Love Lockdown
4. Nick Nikolov – Come Down
5. Disclosure – My Intention Is War! (Fig ii)
6. Jakkin Rabbit – Jakkin Jill
7. Status IV – You Ain’t Really Down (Jazzanova’s Hey Baby Remix)
8. Safeword – Be The Light
9. Octo Octa – Please Don’t Leave
10. Lopazz and Casio Casino – I Feel Love (Pt. 2)

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