Live from the Library, Volume VI by Scholastics


We start off season 2 of LAMPSHADE with a haunting and gripping edition of the Live from the Library series. Scholastics has compiled a selection of tunes to prove that a group of disparate songs, played in sequence, can move you beyond in a dance-floor sense. We’re here, in the 21st century. ‘Remix culture’ is old hat at this point. So, is a mixtape a work of art? Can it make you feel anger? Suffering? Hope?

1. Claude Speeed – Tiger Woods
2. Efdemin – America
3. Plastikman – EXpand (Tale of Us Remix)
4. Alex Smoke – Ruction (Dub)
5. Alba – Knokke (Cliques Remix)
6. Vincenzo ft. Minako – Just Like Heaven (Dave DK Remix)
7. Ryo Murakami – Contagion
8. Lucy – Laws and Habits (Milton Bradley Remix)
9. Somne – Millennium (Alternate Mix)
10. Lory D – grn_HF
11. Moderat – Bad Kingdom (DJ Koze Remix)
12. Flight Facilities – Two Bodies (HNNY Remix)
13. Vimes – Celestial (Gardens of God Remix)
14. Rival Consoles – Think Tank
15. Levon Vincent – Black Arm w/Wolf
16. Joy Wellboy – Before The Sunrise (Dixon Remix)

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