Chapter of Seas Mix No. 1 by Scholastics + Moon Cities

An ambient collaborative mix. We both grew up hugely inspired by long-running “slow music” NPR show Hearts of Space. The Chapter of Seas series of mixes are our tribute to Hearts of Space and ambient music in general.

1. Murcof – Cosmos I

2. Oneohtrix Point Never – Where Does Time Go

3. Stellardrone – Eternity

4. Cluster & Eno – Steinsame

5. Back to the Future the Ride – Glaciers of Molten Gold

6. Stars of the Lid – A Meaningful Moment Through a Meaning(less) Process

7. Polmo Polpo – Farewell

8. Sean McCann – Stone Ilex

9. John Luther Adams – The Farthest Place

10. I Heart Lung – Interoceans I (Upwelling)

Listen now!

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