Chapter of Seas III


The third in the ongoing Chapter of Seas ambient mixtape series ventures out into deepier, choppier waters. But the brutality of the opening third gives way to an ocean of celestial drone. Salvation is reserved for those who endure.


1. Superstorms – Part 1
2. RxRy – Cetus
3. therefore – Free Soundtrack
4. Seth Nehil – Grave
5. ISIS – Hym (Thomas Koner Remix)
6. Infinite Body – Out To Where I Am
7. Kid606 – Dandy
8. Fridge – Cutup Piano and Xylophone
9. Golden Poultry Error – It’s Raining Fingers
10. Keith Fullerton Whitman – Stereo Music for Yamaha Disklavier Prototype, Electric Guitar and Computer
11. Secret Pyramid – A Descent
12. Antonymes – Strange Light
13. Abiotha – Distant Ghostly Citadels

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