Shibuya Summer pt. 2 by Moon Cities

Here’s part 2 of the shibuya-kei primer, this time focusing on influences of the genre, artists who were influenced by it, and music that co-evolved along the same lines. It also happens to be some great summer fun time music!

1. Primal Scream – Loaded

2. Gorillaz – 19-2000

3. Handsome Boy Modeling School – Metaphysical (featuring Miho Hatori and Mike D)

4. Serge Gainsbourg – Ballad de Melody Nelson

5. Air – Kelly Watch the Stars

6. Miho Hatori – Barracuda

7. Sérgio Mendes & Brasil ‘66 – Mais Que Nada

8. Dimitri from Paris – Sacre Français

9. Hideki Naganuma – Sweet Soul Brother (Jet Set Radio)

Listen now!

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