Shibuya Summer pt. 1 by Moon Cities


This is something of a primer on that mid-90s Japanese melting pot sound, shibuya-kei. Drawing equally from Brazilian bossa nova, French nouvelle chanson, electronic experimentalism, synth-pop and twee, this sound exploded into life in the early 90s and was heavily influential through the late 90s and early 2000s. These few songs are from key players in the original Japanese scene; part 2 will include precedents, antecedents and convergent evolvers of similar sound.

1. Flipper’s Guitar – Goodbye, our Pastels Badges

2. Kahimi Karie – Mike’s Always Diary

3. Takako Minekawa – Klaxon!

4. Cornelius – Star Fruits Surf Rider

5. Cibo Matto – Working for Vacation

6. Fantastic Plastic Machine – L’aventure Fantastique

7. Phofo – I Love Happy Fun Ball

8. Pizzicato Five – 20th Century Girl

9. Flipper’s Guitar – Groove Tube

Listen now!

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